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Stop. Look. Listen.

Note to Reader: Sorry for the shortage of blog posts. I got my first clients as a graphic designer and that's been where most of my time was spent when not at my day job. Also I don't have internet at home and my phone's touch screen just gave up at the bottom and no… Continue reading Stop. Look. Listen.


Welcome Back

Hello Reader. This post will be short and to the point. It's been over a year since my last blog post and a lot has changed. Within that time I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease called lupus. If you aren't familiar with lupus, this means that my body's immune system attacks my own organs… Continue reading Welcome Back

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drugs, Drugs, Drugz

Depressed? Take my prescription medicine. Sure it will make you addicted, bleed, and possibly die, but you're depressed anyway! Right? Right? Imagine you went to the doctor because you broke several bones in your foot. Doctor Medicine sees your foot and from the swollen purple mess he can immediately tell the problem. To help you… Continue reading drugs, Drugs, Drugz